Bridging users and software​

Bring your users to the finish line with Usercrumb's interactive step-by-step guides.

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Rethink user adoption​

Interactive user guides have never been easier and more enjoyable.

Create step-by-step guides in seconds​

Steps are created simply by clicking and you can add context to any step when needed.​

Combine learning and doing

Allow users to interact with your site as they learn about your features through Usercrumb's step by step guides.​

Always by your side

With Usercrumb’s reinvented FAQ, your users have easy access to your searchable and categorized collection of interactive step-by-step guides.

Data is king

Make data-driven decisions based on insights available in the Dashboard and increase user adoption.​

No coding required

Usercrumb's point and click interface allows you to set up interactive step-by-step guides without any coding.

The control panel​

Manage your guides with the control panel


Manage multiple software-platforms with Spaces. Spaces allow you to collect all your guides and groups for sepereate platforms in the individual Usercrumb collections.


New guides are smoothly added within our control panel. Create new interactive step-by-step guides by clicking +.​

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Create a clear and effective structure in your collection of interactive step-by-step guides. Make your guides more accessible for your users by creating and naming clear categories.

Drag and drop

Change and optimize the structure of your collection of guides. You can easily move guides between Groups simply by dragging and dropping.​

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